5 Tips That Tell Your Website is Outdated
Posted by Jake Cohen

seoYour website is your storefront for not only google, but for potential customers. You might trust your instincts when designing and optimizing it, and you might see no issues with its structure as long as it generates some leads…But what about your customers? SEO and design trends change rapidly. Websites tend to get old. With no timely updates, they cease to fulfill their tasks: to sell, inform customers, and enhance the brand’s image. It’s crucial to keep your business platform up to date, both visually and technologically. Here we will state five signs to help you notice the old habits. 

Bad Structure

Your website is bound to grow just like your business. Your sales department and organization as well as the products or services you sell. It is possible your website can be overgrown with extra pages. Think of your visitors, if you do not categorizes the essential information you will have them leaving your website for another one with a better structure. The structure not only impacts your user experience, but influences its SEO metrics drastically. 

SEO-Heavy Texts

 Keyword density is not the same as before, though keywords still matter, but you need to write your pages with a user in mind rather than a search engine robot. Organize your keywords where it fits in your content as needed, but avoid keyword stuffing. Compelling content answers your customers questions which will bring value to your visitors and your search engines algorithms.

Mobile SEO and Design

Visitors consider a website the first thing to decide if a business is credible. It is possible for visitors to come to the conclusion that owners who don’t update their website, don’t care to much about their own business or in theory the customer. Today, website need content, not just images. Users need information, not decoration. WordPress sites are great because the template are design to help showcase this style, along with having a mobile friendly design. 

Poor Set of Plugins or Features

Plugins and features are design to increase your website to showcase information to your potential clients. Such plugins can be a chat client to help  communicate to your visitors if they have a question or a contact form. It is always a good idea to have an offer available to receive. Or maybe you’ll like to set up an e-commerce platform to make it easier to shop for your products and services.  

Do any of these reflect your current website? The easiest way to determine whether your website out of date is a comprehensive SEO audit checklist will give you a detailed overview of how your site is performing.

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