Beyond Building Links
Posted by Jake Cohen



When the topic of off page SEO comes up, more often than not people are talking about link building. Building up back links is a great strategy for SEO. There are many ways optimizations that help improve your search ranking and driving traffic to your site. 

Not the most popular social media platforms, but still very important for your business. The stronger your Google+ presence, the more likely google will help show more information about your website and its content. Make sure when creating your page, you use the brand name that is your site. Keep your profile active by posting regularly and periodically, this will have the added benefit of telling Google what your brand is about. 

Google My Business Listing
 This is the best way to get your name address and phone number into google search results. This is important for small business that are local and rely on local SEO. It is one of the strongest ranking signals for local searches. Reviews also help and will display in search results for your business and relevant keywords. 

Social Media
Social media and SEO is a tough one. Followers, likes and impressions actually do not play a role in ranking. However, there are ways that social media can help SEO efforts. Posting links from your page on Facebook and Twitter, is a good way to index your site. Search engines do index social media accounts as well. 

Link Building SEO tactics help increase your rank. The important factor to keep in mind is these strategies are completely in your control. No need to seek outside blog writers or outreach marketing agencies for this. And even better, since off page SEO is as much about developing brand exposure, awareness and reputation, not only will you get more traffic, you should also see more qualified traffic as well. 

Do you know how your site is performing? The easiest way to determine whether you are conducting good SEO is to use a trusted site auditing tool. A comprehensive SEO audit checklist will give you a detailed overview of how your site is performing.

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