How Can You Protect Your WordPress Website?
Posted by Gretchen

Malware is a burden on all websites.  If you fail to check for malware, it can cause damage to your website and it will leave you will a lot of out of pocket service fees to trying to remove it.

Being infected with malware has a huge impact on your website and your business. Aside from the obvious monetary and time investments involved in fixing the issues, a reduce in customer trust can result. After all, if you appear to be putting your customers’ web safety and personal details into jeopardy, you’ll likely see your income decrease.

In some cases, you won’t see a clear warning that you’ve been infected with malware, but now most browsers will warn you before allowing you to navigate.

These three tips will help you prevent your site:

  1. Back Your Site Up Regularly. If you don’t already do so, make sure you back up your site often. You should have an option to backup your full website and home directory. Make sure both are backed up along with your database. If you have a managed WordPress hosting, backups are done automatically every day.
  2. Choosing A Hosting Provider. Quality hosting can offer an extra layer of protection. While shared hosting is sometimes seen as less secure due to the number of sites on each server, dedicated managed WordPress solutions work around that problem.
  3. Update Your Account Passwords. This should be a standard step after any attack, whether it is to your website or not.  Your login credentials might have been compromised. Choosing a strong password is pretty simple, and while WordPress does include a dedicated password generator, there are plenty of other useful tools online as well if needed.

The solutions to preventing malware seems easy, but we know these are not the case with a lot of websites being development and hosted. Our hosting plans is a managed WordPress solution that will automatically backup your site.  (There is even an option for website security) Give us a call at 215-723-3495 to talk about more over to a managed WordPress solution or fill out the form to the right.