How to Achieve Strong SEO
Posted by Jake Cohen

Google and Bing are always looking to improve the user experience. They are constantly updating their algorithms. With these changes, you need to pay close attention to all areas of your online presence.

What Makes Good SEO? 

1. Understanding Your Audience – Knowing your audience is a pivotal part of any SEO strategy. Once you understand this, you can find ways to attract them with search terms.

2. Knowing Technical SEO – Having technical knowledge will help when it comes to identifying good SEO. Technical SEO is  knowing where your site is going to get found, how it is get indexed, and how it is performing. Even if you are not necessarily doing these, you need to know your results. One first step is to have an SEO assessment done.

3. Back linking – One of the most important ranking factors is the number of back links pointing to your site. Back links are found on external sites that link to your site, and search engines regard these as helpful referrals. A few ways to achieve this is using are social media to link content back to your site, create shareable blog post, and lastly, great testimonials from clients.

4. Content – As it has been said before, content is key for SEO. Think of it as the answer to your clients and users problems. This will help you development meaningful content to your users and will help google create it’s search queries.

5. Optimizing Your Site – Google looks for sites that give a positive user experience. Site speed is one fact to considerIt is now the standard for a site to load within 2 seconds.

The easiest way to determine whether you are conducting good SEO is to use a trusted site auditing tool. A comprehensive SEO audit checklist will give you a detailed overview of how your site is performing.

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