Is Your SEO Bring in Leads?
Posted by Jake Cohen

SEOSEO is one of the most effective ways to obtain organic leads. Have a mobile friendly site is more important than ever to rank higher in search results, with the ultimate goal of generating high quality leads without the really heavy learn on PPC advertising.
However, it can be a struggle to get get leads if your SEO is not properly maintained.

There can be many issues such as:

– Your website is not ranking on top 3 for your main money keywords or
it is ranking for keywords that are not relevant to your business.

– Potential customers are bouncing back from your site for one reason or another.

– Your CTA (Call to Action) is not able to drive user actions or isn’t clickable.

– Your site is penalized by Google.

There could be a ton of issues. So, what can we do about it?

– Focus on Content Optimization
As many SEO experts say, content is king when it comes to ranking. This is why having a blog for your website is an opportunity to create quality content and reach your potential leads. Because of that it is important to follow SEO basic guidelines such as: avoiding duplicate content, adding alt text for every images, using proper metadata, and creating a clear active voice.

– Find The Correct Keywords
SEO can never be successful without the right keywords. Try using your niche keywords and low competition words that can best be use to target your leads. Look for keywords related to your search terms for your main keywords. Even a simple google search and help with that. Include these keywords in your pages content and meta descriptions.

– Use Back-links
Links can be an ranking factor in your search results and can be a huge competitive advantage. One way to increase links can be sponsor and organize local events to generate links about and to your business, which could turn into potential leads. Social media pages are another great ways to increase your back-links as well.

– Don’t Forget Social
Businesses that remain active on social media, definitively can be a key factor in getting leads. Google keeps a look on how well they are connected to their audiences. Again, this is a great tool for more back-links.

– Conduct a Website Review
Conducting a comprehensive technical can help show you the areas of your website’s SEO that you may have missed. It is always a good idea to even start here to get ideas where to go first. The easiest way to determine whether you are conducting good SEO is to use a trusted site auditing tool. A comprehensive SEO audit checklist will give you a detailed overview of how your site is performing.

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