The Importance of Meta Descriptions
Posted by Jake Cohen

metaA website’s meta description gives a short description of the content of the page or for a small business, its service. Although a visitor can not see it on the page, it is shown on the search results. Google has made it clear that meta description while having no direct effect in search rankings, they still help indirectly in your results.

How Do Meta Descriptions Work?
The content in the meta description tag is seen in search results, such as Google, Bing, etc. When you are targeting search traffic for your site, this is the content that your potential user will see in search results, along with a title tag. The meta description helps the searcher decide which link to click from among the various choices.

 Optimize Meta Description Content
Meta descriptions have a character limit of 300 -320 characters. Try not to use like hyphens (-), plus signs (+) and quotation marks (“), as HTML code and as such may not use the description as you intend it to be used. Best practice for descriptions are to set up custom written ones for your website’s homepage and other pages. Since no two pages are the same, it is best to have unique descriptions for each page. If it is a lot to have different descriptions for each page, but you want to at least have unique meta description for your homepage and the most viewed pages on your site. Meta descriptions are a great opportunity to put in your keywords. Using keywords in your descriptions will help draw the user’s eye to your link.

An SEO assessment will show you how your meta descriptions display and how they are matching with your keywords. The results will provide a detailed analysis of what can be improved to enhance your site for improved performance.

The good news is that if you’re struggling to get visitors to your website and to convert the ones you do manage to get, running a Personalized SEO Analysis can help.

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