Web Hosting Can Affect Your SEO Ranking
Posted by Jake Cohen

You just finished your website and it looks great! Now you’re just waiting for sales to start coming in, but something seems odd. You’ve check with your team and nothing is odd on the design side, so what is going on?

Slow Hosting
If you are serious about getting results you need to be thinking about the quality of hosting as well. Two components that will help are your load time and overall security.

Google has stated that load time is now a ranking factor, so you’ll need to bring your site up to that standard to rank higher. Everyone loves a good deal, but when it comes to your website and your business reputation, cutting corners on your hosting is not the right solution and is only going to hurt you in the end.

Another factor to consider in choosing a hosting plan is security. Hosting is responsible for making sure everything runs correctly, however your host can not be responsible for exploiting your website. I.E. hackers. This is why if you are using a WordPress site to make sure your WordPress and plugins are updated. If not updated hackers can try to upload their malware for spamming purposes.

Your website is an important part of any business. Your ranking score is what helps you stand out against your competitors, so consider load speed and security when choosing a web hosting package.

If you want to make things a lot easier, look into a Manged WordPress hosting plan as it will keep your plugins up to date and remove any security vulnerabilities issues. Along with the security, backup as done automatically every 24 hours. Our hosting plans is consist of a managed WordPress solution.

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