Why You Should Add a Crawl to Your website?
Posted by Gretchen

Website crawlCrawling your website uncovers all sorts of technical problems and could help prevent, all sorts of problems that affect user experience and SEO such as:

1. Duplicate content
2. Broken pages
3. Broken Links
4. Non-Indexed pages

Duplicate content –  Duplicate content is something everyone should be concerned with because duplicate pages often don’t rank highly, and can get left out of search results altogether. With a website crawl the pages on your website will be analysed and checks the content against each other, flagging text that’s similar.

Broken Pages & links – Is exactly what it sounds like, a link or page that is sending to a non-accessible page. Crawlers work by accessing pages via your links. SEO crawler will verify your internal and external links.

Non-indexed Pages –  There are two ways to get your pages to index: robots.txt files and meta robot tags. There could be a reason for making a non indexed page, but getting carried away with this command can leave your site will a low index. With a crawl it will access and read your robot.txt to know where to pass. It will check any “No-index” tag. These non-index pages technically are not errors, but you should check the report to see if any URL’s are not correct, then check your robots.txt file.

Crawling is one of those SEO things that many people might not consider, but it is a good SEO practice adding to your website maintenance. Though this is one step and would consider an SEO assessment first to see if there are any broken links and problems with your robot.txt file. We would be happy to offer a personalized SEO analysis.

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